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Are you paying too much for your gas, electricity, telephone or broadband?

Whether you are working from home or from a business premises, keeping a close eye on your utility bills is essential. Rates for services like gas and electricity vary between utility providers and it is well worth checking the rate that you are paying the cheapest rate possible.

Your telephone and broadband can also eat into your profit un-necessarily if you are not careful.

How to save money on your utility bills.

The deregulated UK utility market is now well developed with numerous alternative suppliers and this could save you money. Depending on the size of your current bills these savings could be significant.

Unless via cable or satellite a supplier still uses the same telephone cable, gas and electric pipes and you retain the services of those infrastructure suppliers; your utilities are simply supplied at a more competitive price.

How do they do this? Competitive pricing is achieved via a number of factors including aggregate buying power, having no costly high street shops and using online set up and bill payment facilities.

For example if you could currently save 10% on your telephone line rental and up to 80% on call charges surely you would want to investigate how?

Headline prices can be deceptive

Just looking at the headline price though can be deceptive. The total cost can be in the small print or terms and conditions and include longer term contracts, 18-24 months is common for businesses with an automatic rollover to a new contract at the end of the term; set up and cancellation fees, admin fees, omitting the line rental fee from telephone or broadband headline prices or limiting download speeds or monthly download allowances.

In business it is also important to check the...,

• Functionality and capability is what you need now and can be changed in the future
• Service reliability
• Access to customer services and helpline teams

Although many consumer comparison sites exist this is less prevalent for businesses. This is because the contracts can be more complex and difficult to compare.

So where do you begin?

Take out your existing supplier bills and any contract details that you have and contact us via the simple form below

How the transfer process works and how you can help

The process takes 3-4 weeks partially to allow a ‘cooling off period’ for you. You register with a new supplier who will ask you for details of your existing supplier and the new supplier begins the transfer process. You are likely to be contacted by your existing supplier to entice you to stay with them and for you to confirm that you wish to move. Ensure you confirm what they require for the move. For gas and electric you will then be contacted by the new supplier around the time of the transfer for meter readings. Your current supplier will then send you final bills or credits for whatever service you are moving.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for this transfer process to ‘crossover’ so that you end up paying a part month with 2 suppliers or one of the suppliers doesn’t correctly commence or terminate a contract. You would need to allow for these costs.

Overall the transfer process can often go smoothly or occasionally have problems and our advice would be:

• Be clear what you are going to gain by transferring so that hiccups don’t derail the benefits

• Keep in contact with both sets of suppliers to ensure they are carrying out what they should do

Free advice

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